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刻入 DNA 里的听力试音

2020-05-24 · 2 min read

放了 6 遍,还不刻入 DNA?(((

M: Hello?

G: Hello, Dad!

M: Oh, Susan! How is everything?

G: Fine. I'm just calling to see how you and Mama are. I miss you so much!

M: We are fine. Are you still very busy?

G: Yeah. I am working hard on a business plan. I'll take a business trip next week.

M: She is down (?) at the shopping centre, buying some food.

G: How about my little brother, Tom?

M: He is not feeling well yesterday, so Mum took him to the hospital this morning. He's in bed.

G: What's wrong? Is it serious?

M: Just a fever, and, he is feeling better now. Don't worry.

G: Tell him I'll bring him some toys when I come back home.

M: OK. When are you coming back?

G: I... haven't decided yet. Maybe... in two weeks? Hopefully, I will be able to stay at home for three weeks this time.

M: Great! Take good care of yourself.

G: I will. See you soon, Dad!

M: See you, Susan!

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